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1) ability to save or load config files (wizard.ini) so that if you have more than one config you can load the config fo it and not have to reconfigure the wizard back and forth

2) the ability to save the memory code so that once it is generated you can run it on multiple controllers prior to loading the code..

I have canceled out and saved it but then have to reload and step through all the questions again

3) ability to use the current wizard file can jump right to code creation.

4) location for storing custom code so when you run the wizard if you have entered custom code it will insert your custom code for you (along with the ini saves) it would alow you to use the wizard and have it pick up your custom code. the auto generated code already has the ///// lines that tell you to place your code between them if there was a copy paste box one could fine tune their code then paste it into the wizard for next runs.

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