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So it seems from searching, that the portal pulls 5 minute status updates from the controller.
The way to find out if the dosing pump activated is a bit of code to allow a virtual outlet to stay on for 5 minutes, to be picked up by the portal.
But you cannot see how long the doser RAN for.

I'm sure this would be an easy thing for displaying on the RA head unit, but what about remotely..

Possibilities include a new tab/section in the portal perhaps in which a variable is logged when the doser is on? (if doser outlet on, variable+=1 per 1000ms, if off, record variable or insert to another logvariable)

I would be this is possible from the apps, but aren't the apps geared from portal data? (can this be bypassed to connect directly to the head unit?)

Grasping at straws here as my foundation knowledge has yet to mature, but I thought I would add it. :)
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I have some good dosing functions in my INO. I keep a counter for number of seconds the outlet was on and then convert to ml and log to a custom variable so I can see from the portal. Take a look at LogDosingPumps() in my code.

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Tyvm :)

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