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SO I have a 48v power supply for my LLD Drivers. I was thinking of getting a 350 ma LDD Driver for 4 of my LEDs. I Don't remember but can I use the 48 V power supply or do I need a ~12V power supply? I am trying to jog my brain if the LDD Constant Current Drivers will limit things in the proper way as not to fry my 4 moon light LEDs.

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Roberto explained to me that constant current drivers will only supply the necessary forward voltage. So you should be able to use the 48v supply.

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The LDD's are great at regulating forward voltage. You can even put 1 LED on it and it's OK. Check out the very last graph on the datasheet linked below, and you'll see that it's 87% efficient with 4 LEDs and 48V at 350mA.

350mA * 12V of LEDs = 4.2Watts so you'll get around 0.5W of heat on the LDD with a 87% efficiency.

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