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Hi, what do i need to get to get, to get started with the Reef Angel Controller. Ive had a look on the site and i dont see an actual controller that i can buy, but only see expansions.

Please can someone provide me with a list of what i need and where i can get it. (Is it a card that connects to a PC via a PCI slot etc?) Thanks.

Would also appreciate if someone could explain what i get at the most basic level, and how i would go about adding expansions etc to my controller
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If you click on the order page its the first two products on top. This will come with the standalone controller an 8 outlet relay box, 2 float switches, a temp probe, a ph probe and the cable you need to program it. You'll be able to hook up to one expansion module. The wifi attachment does not count. You will also get two dimming ports that can be pwm or analog signal depending on the controller you select.

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