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PostPosted: Thu Aug 04, 2016 9:25 pm
Hi all,

I"m looking to do location based sunrise sunset and cloud simulation with 3 fixtures with white and blue channels on each. I've got the RA+ and will be using the current version Dimming Expansion.

Reading around the forums it seems that this is a project that has been tacked by more than a few people in various ways. I was looking primarilly at rufessors post viewtopic.php?f=11&t=1450 because it seems to be the most discussed and most best documented. But the original post is more than 5 years old at this point and I see that there have been sunlocation and Weather Libs made that may make this easier as well as a more recently updated method by cosmith71 viewtopic.php?f=12&t=5460 but that doesn't seem to have location based sunrise sunset. Not a huge deal but I'm looking at options.

What's the preferred method of tackling that these days?
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We just setup sunrise/sunset for someone with 3 fixtures exactly that. Look for DmnYankee's post

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Ok so I've got Colins Cloud and storm code up and running on my system.

I have it working using PWMSlope but I'd much prefer to use PWMParabola for the dimming. Is this possible? Every time I try to swap Parabola Dimming in for the Slope my Whites just sit at their minimum value and don't dim at all. Is this possible or does the cloud code require a consistent dim percentage to return to after running a cloud or storm?

Also I'd eventually like to use the Internal Memory but I wasn't sure if I could just blank out the variables variables in the code and have it pull from IM like it does for the rest of my variables.
Lee I know you mentioned in the original Cloud/weather post that that was something you were going to tackle but looking at your PDE there is so much more going on that I can't tell what's for clouds and what's part of your various acclimation, presets, and other toys you've put onto your RA.

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