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Hi all!

My apologies if this has been covered somewhere, but after some digging I still haven't found what I'm looking for yet. So I thought it was time to pop in and ask a question or two.

- Is it possible to utilize the battery back-up system without driving the powerheads via the Reef Angel head unit and dimming ports?

- I have seen that the system can be run off a wall outlet trickle charger instead of the included solar panel. My RA system is in a closet, so I could try running the solar panel on the wall near the refugium lights to charge it over night. But I have an open wall outlet that I could plug into as well if that doesn't work. What would be the correct specs I need to look for to find a correct wall adapter for it?

Fortunately for me, my house has solar power on the roof, so I'd still be running it off solar even plugged into the wall outlet :-)

Basically in my situation I'm wondering if I can hook up the battery back up. Then plug my 2 controller boxes (the original Jebao wave maker controllers) into the battery back up and just continue to run my powerheads with the original controllers like I currently am?

Right now I'm running 3 different Jebao powerheads (2 in DT, 1 in refugium in closet). Since the battery back-up unit can run 2 powerheads, I would like to hook up my wp40 (in the DT) and the wp25 (in the refugium) to it for continued circulation during a power failure.

However, my problem and the reason I'm asking these questions is that my dimming ports (both my dimming expansion and power unit) are all full right now with LED lighting. So I have no open dimmers to drive the powerheads through the battery back-up.

In the future, I'm planning on adding a 2nd power unit maybe which could solve my port problems. But for the time, is it possible to set up the battery back-up this way?

The reason I'm attempting to sort this out right now is because I will be out of town soon and just got notified of a "planned outage" by the power company when no one will be home. Which means my power will go down and no one will be there to flip the solar switch and plug in an extension cord for the pumps. I don't have the finances right now to pick up all the pieces for a new power unit expansion, harnesses, etc to fully incorporate the powerheads into being driven by the RA system yet.

So for the time, I would love to grab the battery back up and just run the original wave-maker controllers until I can afford to complete the full upgrade. This way I would at least be covered for power outages until then.

- Is there anything else I would need to accomplish this (if it's possible) other then what comes with the battery back up system? Of course I'd need to pick up a correct wall charger (once I know what to look for to buy) if the solar panel doesn't charge on the refugium lights.

Thanks for the info and help!!!

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