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You can configure the wifi attachment using the Wifi Utility application that was installed with your Reef Angel Installer, you will be able to easily configure your Reef Angel Wifi Attachment.

  • Connect the USB-TTL cable in any available USB port in your computer
  • Connect the other end on the Reef Angel Wifi Attachment.
    Connection.png (27.33 KiB) Viewed 17204 times

  • Start the Wifi Utility application.
    Wifi-Utility-Window.png (31.97 KiB) Viewed 17204 times

  • Select a Serial Port.
    Serial-Port.png (5 KiB) Viewed 17204 times

  • Click the "Connect" Button.
  • Once connected, you will see the application log as shown:
    Connected.png (9.36 KiB) Viewed 17204 times

  • Type the SSID of your wireless network.
  • Type the PassPhrase of your wireless network. The preferred and recommended security mode is WPA2-PSK with AES encryption.
    Wifi-Settings.png (6.24 KiB) Viewed 17204 times

  • Click the button "Setup Wifi Attachment"
  • Once the application finishes setting up your wifi attachment, you will see the application log as shown:
    Setup.png (9.05 KiB) Viewed 17204 times

  • Please make note of the ip address. You will need it later. In this example, the IP address is and the port is 2000.
  • You are now ready to upload the Wifi Test Code to ensure everything is working properly. The Wifi Test Code can be found on the Arduino IDE by using menu File->Sketchbook->Example Codes->WifiTestCode
  • Once the code has been uploaded to your Reef Angel Controller, disconnect the USB-TTL cable from it.
  • Connect you wifi attachment to the controller.
    Controller.png (51.71 KiB) Viewed 17204 times

  • Open your prefered browser and go to, where is the IP address you took note above. In the example above the address would be
  • You will get a web page like this:
    Webserver.png (31.57 KiB) Viewed 17204 times

  • Congratulations. Your Reef Angel Attachment is configured.

    Original post was ammended on 04/19/2012

  • To be able to connect remotely to your controller from outside your wifi network, you will need to setup port forwarding on your router. The TCP port you need to forward to your wifi attachment is port 2000.
    Most recent routers have UPnP capability. This utility will try to setup port forwarding automatically on any UPnP capable router that is compatible with the UPnPLib Java.
  • If the utility is successful on setting up port forwarding on your router, you will get a message below:
    UPnP.png (13.85 KiB) Viewed 17010 times

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everything works fine to the point when i put ip adress in browser after putting ip i dont have no respond from browser how to fix that

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Did you upload the WifiTestCode to RA?
Have you plugged the wifi attachment to RA after uploading the code?
Make sure you have the port after the ip address. By default the port is 2000. So you need :2000 after the ip address.
If you are using IE, you also need to make sure that you have http:// in front of the ip address or IE just won't understand and will think you are trying to search something.

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Yes I did all those things even used google chrome, ie and mozzila will try one more time today

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did couple times today no results light in wifi adapter is green i have my ip adress from arduino but no web page display after putting my ip adress

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Should the interface with the installer look like the tutorial? Mine looks the same as the old one with the same functions. I have recently removed all my earlier reefangel programs and updated to the latest stuff including the new libraries.


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Yes, the new application looks like the photos above

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Hi, also having some problems here..
I could not get "true" values at Associated, auenticated and DHCP, so after many tries pushed teh option "restore factory settings" . Same problem , but also the IP shown now is

Any advice much appreciated!


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Is your wifi network on WPA2-PSK with AES encryption?
I'd highly suggest using this security scheme.

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Hi Roberto this is what I have , like is readed from the Belkin Router I´m using:

In the Channel and SSID tab:

SSID > XXXXXXX (7 letters)
SSID Broadcast> Enable (other options : Disabled)
Wireless Mode> Mixed (11b+11g) (other options 11g only, 11b only, off)
Extend range> Disable (other option: enabled)
Protected mode> OFF (other option ON)
WMM Mode> ON (other option OFF)
Turbo mode> Disable (other option Enable)

In the Security tab:

Security Mode: WPA2 only > (other options: WPA/WPA2, WPA only, WEP, disabled)
Authentication: Password(PSK)
Password(PSK) type: Passphrase (8 ^63 characters) > (other options Hex (64 digits)
Password(PSK): xxxxxxxxxxx (11 letters and numbers)
Guest Password(PSK). yyyyyyyyyy (10 letters and numbers)

In the Wifi protected setup (WPS) tab:

Wifi Protected setup (WPS) : enabled

option 3) Manual configurtion method
Network name (SSID): XXXXXXX (7 letters the same as above)
Wireless security: Configured
Network authentication: WPA2+PSK
Data encryption: AES
Network Key (PSK): xxxxxxxxxxx (11 letters and numbers, same as above)

In the Use as access point tab:

I tried to configure through Wifi_Utility with :


and get:

Your Reef Angel Wifi Attachment is now configured
*Wifi* Status
Associated: true
Authenticated: false
DHCP: false
Mode: WPA2
IP adress and port: (remember that I used the "Restore Factory Settings" before, and since then the IP changed to this)

and the blue and green leds blinks

Any advice on how to solve this really apreciated


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