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My first post!
I've been toying with the idea of getting a Reef tank controller for some time, but the 'lite' ones have very little functionality and the full blown ones are incredibly expensive. The Reef Angel I think would fit my budget! My first question is about the dimmable function. I currently do not have LED's, but I may in the future. I'm not sure which dimmable to select, digital or analog, and why. My tank will be on the first floor and the sump in the basement. I imagine this would cause a problem and I would have to run wavemaker and lighting extension cords to the controller, as everything else would be in the sump.
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Analog and PWM are 2 different technologies of dimming.
If you are unsure of which LED technology your fixture will use, I would go with the analog as this is the most common one for LED fixtures available in the market, even though it is less precise and older technology.

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