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I recently picked up a whole bunch of RA bits 2nd hand and whoa its a bit overwhelming.

I think im at the point of having it hooked up to cloud and monitoring is all working although I cant get any graph data to show up.. its just blank.
I have no idea what the latest firmware/software to use, I downloaded the arduino package from the download link and ran through the wizard so i can remotely click relays on and off and I understand how to set up all of those and I can see temperatures and probes but thats about it.
I have played around with arduino before but this is a little bit in the deep end for me.

Is there a post somewhere explaining what order to do everything in?
I mean I dont even know if this is a RA or a RA+...
Some general pointers would be awesome, it seems like a really powerful controller so im pretty excited about getting it all going.

We are in the process of setting up a 8x3x2.5 and currently have a 5ft set up.. been doing marine for 4 years.


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