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Been a while since I setup my RA+ and need to reprogram it though not sure if I kept the code around after the last OS reinstall. I remember RA users had to disable some stock code as their units were smaller than my RA+ and RA* didn't exist back then. I thought I recall the downloadable installer's code was lacking compared to the developed libraries and am not sure if it should be updated vs should I use a new arduino environment with the new code at this point. It seemed the RA* users has lead people away from a local compiler to a web interface but it has been a while since I looked into that.
Reasons for reprogramming are that I found my temp probe code triggers with the wrong probe and cannot just swap them to each other's connectors as they identify by the device instead of the ports they are plugged into and want to get a Kessil A360W and Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6055 pump connected for variable output. That'll likely be delayed as I'll still have to come up with a PWM to DC filter to use the Kessil on my controller (originally had a different light in mind when I got it) though not sure of needed component values as Kessil won't release more than the voltage input for their circuit. I'll likely need an expansion hub presuming one Kessil light needs 2 ports itself and if adding lunar module probably means a hub. Likely to delay adding those as I am still content with on/off of the pump (normally on except for water change) and light.
ADDED: haven't had luck getting connection through wifi much of the time but not sure where I put the antennas I got to upgrade it so don't expect much change there from a code update. I think I forgot the password so may reprogram it as portal update looks like it wants name+password when i set a new IP address. Didn't have luck finding teraterm but presume other terminal software is fine.

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