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PostPosted: Fri Jan 01, 2021 9:01 pm
Yeah I think now most light manufacturers have a proprietary app now. Which is great because they can be accessed and changed on the fly and from anywhere. This probably happened as the writing was on the wall before the fallout between Ecotech and Neptune.

Plus I think with the way AI lights work with being able to over ramp different channels while others are in the lower tier is beyond the 1-10 voltage control.

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I have 5 ai hydra 26 HDs and 1 ai prime hd. all have to be controlled via their app. not a huge fan of that but their interface is simple and easy (IMO). plus, once configured, i don't have to mess with it.

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Thanks. It does seem like some of the big names are tightening their grip by deciding to go proprietary or not being as open. AI's, the Vortechs, etc. That's very unfortunate to us.

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I am using these new lights that are cheaper nicrew hyperreef on Amazon great color and par is on point and they are work great on the dimming ports they use analog I have two 150w over 100gallon lps and sps tank

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