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PostPosted: Mon Nov 25, 2013 8:26 am
I was speaking to my LFS guy yesterday to ask if he'd heard of the Mindstream unit all were talking about. He hadn't, and asked me if I'd heard about Seneye...

Take a look and LMK what you think. Thx
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Seneye is ok...and they've dropped the price.. but it doesn't really monitor much that's useful. basically pH, Temp, and ammonia. It's also a PAR meter and has some value there. For the ph and ammonia monitoring and to view the results online you have to have a subscription to their service which includes the reagent strip.
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The PAR/LUX/Kelvin part is interesting. If you can get that for $170, it might be worth a look. As you mentioned, the rest isn't too exciting. Do you think it could feed into the RA?

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The PAR reading is not monitoring... you use it like a normal PAR meter... have to move it around, etc. The ph/ammonia/temp monitoring... isn't that needed.

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