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Hi, I am the FNG, or Newb (to my son and his friends).
I have been in Salt water aquaria since last November. I started by converting one of my freshwater tanks (45g corner) over to salt for my wife, and things got out of control from there. I soon picked up a dry 90g and before I could fill it I became the owner of an established 90g. My plan was to add the 45g to the 90g and only have 1 tank, but my wife likes the corner so I had 2 running salt and 1 dry. By this time I had to take down the 29g fresh water that was on the kitchen counter. Alas due to a deal I could not pass up I soon owned a 24g cube, which soon housed 13 RBTA (also a deal I couldn't pass up). Then the trip to California which added 12 more anems and a handful of coral, and of course on the drive home I purchased a Las Vegas LFS entire coral stock (it wasn't that big). Needless to say when we got home at 1 AM I set up a 25g frag tank and filled the 29g back up for another anemone tank.
I was now up to 5 running tanks at 213g plus sumps.
In July we closed on a new home and I convinced my wife that it would be easier to deal with one large tank instead of 5 smaller tanks. I bought a 180g to set up at the new house and to consolidate all of the tanks into. She still likes the corner, so make that 4 of the tanks.
As we start packing stuff up I start looking for the extra live rock to fill the 180g with. At the same time that I find a great deal on LR I also come across a 90g that is just too good of a deal to pass up. I pick the LR and the new 90g (yep that makes 3) on the same trip, and bring them to the new house put them together and add 60g of fresh mixed salt water and boom; I'm up to 6 tanks at 293g (plus 270g of dry tanks).
Since then I have moved the frag tank (also decided to keep it), and consolidated both anemone tanks into the new 90g.
Where Reef angel comes in is 3 times now my new 90g has gotten way to hot (heater setting, heater failure, garage temp). So I started looking at controllers and I see a deal I cannot pass up on a Reef Angel (turned out to be a plus).
I am not a programmer, but i first learned on MS DOS, and I heard that this forum is pretty awesome, so I am willing to give it a shot.
45g corner, 90g, 90g, 25g frag. working on a 180g
45g corner, 90g main, 90g staging, 25g frag, working on a 180g setup.

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That's awesome!!
Welcome :)

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Awesome story lol
Welcome to the hobby!

And yes, speaking from 7-8 years experience myself, and trying most of the other controllers, RA has the advantage from multiple aspects.

The only gripe I have is not being able to update/change code from the web, but it's pretty unnecessary after you get it set up.
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I believe Steve remotes in to his home PC and updates via the Bluetooth module. So technically, it is possible to update from the web. :D

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That's correct Colin.
I remote in with TeamViewer, but any remote control software will do. Then I open the Reef Angel Controller program, call up my code and upload it to the head unit using the Bluetooth module.

It's a great convenience.

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