Ro monitor and control

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Ro monitor and control

Post by ewaldsreef »

I thought it might be a fun project to build a reverse osmosis controller that would work with the RA. I am not sure if an Uno would be good for this or not or using some of the available RA modules.

Here is the concept. Please keep in mind some of this is useful but somewhat overboard. its just something I thought would be fun to build.

Monitor multible tds readings
post pre filters
post membranes(I run dual so I would want to keep an eye on both)

Monitor flow with meter sensors
between any given 2 sensors you should be able to do the math to give you the gallons of the 3rd sensor but its overboard anyway

monitor pressure
monitor water pressure of incomoning
post filters
strorage tank

monior leaks
the RA leak detector would work perfect. my ro unit is in the basement so I dont always look at it.

booster pump
system shut off
scheduled membrane flush
RA buzzer

Any thoughts? :D
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Re: Ro monitor and control

Post by lnevo »

Thought about the scheduled membrane flush. Would love to see how this turns out :)
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Re: Ro monitor and control

Post by troylong45 »

Any plans on this yet i think tds monitoring would be great
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