Aqua Illumination AI SOL and arduino

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Aqua Illumination AI SOL and arduino

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Hey Guys,
Love the RA range it is a cracker!

I have obtained a AI SOL from a friend without a controller but do not know the history of it and can't get it to fire up.
I have numerous motherboards for it and the manual says that it should shine 100% without a controller or cable attached but no go!

I have been trolling through hundreds of posts to see if anyone has done anything DIY on here with and without the AI module with an arduino....

I love the feature set of the RA but would only use DC pump control at the moment.
I am in OZ and it is difficult and expensive to get a RA here. If I can get a DIY arduino to make these lights work then it would go on the feature list and I'd probably bite the bullet and import it for a late Xmas present.

I have a few arduinos with relays , PIDS and temp probes around the house which are used for my beer fermentation freezer and heating cooling in the house.

Can any one assist with some tips on getting the AI module to work on a mega (even if it is on and off and not brightness)
I have plenty of 3.5mm cables and have seen the pinouts on here recently

Any help / tips would be awesome
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