Help for a dummy?

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Help for a dummy?

Post by nerdz »

I have non-plus controller set up with basic functions using wizard.

Dimming curve for lights
2 dosing pumps
And 3 outlets set to always on

Lately my lights come on at 5:30 am!

When I try to update controller using wizard it always says "file too large"

I tried to install and older library in wizard with no luck. I don't understand how I can be out of space? I originally ran all these features plus wifi module without issue?

Any help would be greatly appreciated... (other then wizard I'm pretty dumb with this stuff...)
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Re: Help for a dummy?

Post by binder »

the libraries grew in size. the latest libraries no longer fit on the standard ra. I forget what version of the libraries still work with the standard ra. there is another thread that discusses this same problem. I think it's version 1.0.4 but have to confirm.

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