BubbleMagus DC Skimmer Feed Mode Problem

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BubbleMagus DC Skimmer Feed Mode Problem

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Hey all.

Quick question. I am running my BubbleMagus D9 DC Skimmer on Plug #8. I have it set up on "Delayed Start" - 15 minutes after Feed Mode & Water Changes- to help prevent skimmer overflows.

It runs fine when I power it up on initial start up (I need to hit the power button on the Skimmer Control head), and turns off using the RA Feed and Water Change Modes, (Head Unit shows the outlet is red/off- and skimmer turns off).

My problem is that the skimmer never comes back on when feed mode and Water Change ends. After 15 Minutes- the RA Head unit light for Plug #8 turns green again (and there is power to the plug- but the BubbleMagus wont turn back - unless I push the power button on the BubbleMagus controller for the skimmer. I basically have to manually turn the skimmer back on.

Any ideas? Am I just going to control the BubbleMagus Skimmer manually, and not connect it to the RA?

Any help or suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

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