Relay Expasion Controlled wirelessly

Request new hardware or ideas for the controller

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 04, 2014 11:05 am
Hey, this sounds great - with aquariums, there's a lot of chances for water to get everywhere :) so having a remote head unit may make some things a bit safer (could control the lights and mount the head unit in the canopy, then SAFELY control the pumps, etc.

I'm very interested anyway.

BTW, slight change of subject, if I used the DB9 cables, how far can you mount the current expansion relay box? I have only a 2" tube to fit all the wires into the aquarium from above (it's an island).

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You can go pretty far on the svga cable.
It's high density db15 and not db9 though.
You could also wire them up with two CAT5 cables and use these in each end: ... UTF8&psc=1

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