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Request new hardware or ideas for the controller

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I believe it simply implies that it is designed to be running 24/7.

If you ask BRS, for example, if their dosing pumps are designed to be operating 24/7, they will tell you absolutely not. As will most dosing pump manufacturers. For a calcium reactor, water should be pumped in and out at a constant metered pace to keep things consistent. It's very tough to find a pump that is capable of operating constantly, and is capable of overcoming the occasional pressure of clogged effluent lines, etc. it's for this reason why masterflex pumps have such a strong following among calrx users. There are others in the game, kamoer makes a calrx peri pump now, and of course there's the Dastaco calcium reactors thatre at a whole other level.

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rimai wrote:What is continuous duty and why are they different?
If it is continuous, I would imagine it is not controllable or it would be called variable duty, no?

The masterflex pumps just change speed to control flow rate.

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