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Well this release was a very long time coming - sorry for the delay guys. I hope to be on this board more often and keep supporting the application as best I can once things settle down a little bit around here. I recently got caught up with work/life events and in the process of buying a new house! I'll do the best I can with bug fixes and new development until I move and plan to start developing and cranking out some new applications by the new year.

Anyway, as for the new release - First and foremost, I recently switched to an InstallShield installer for deployment. This will hopefully cut out all of the installation/uninstallation issues the old version presented.


Beta 3.0.1 Bug Fixes (Jan 20 2013)
  • Fixed a bug that would not send parameters to the Reef Angel portal when using USB
  • Removed MH Light settings from the Memory Tab
  • Removed Unused ATO memory references from the Memory Tab as well as the memory utility.
  • Updated the Memory INI file to include the latest memory location (329=Mem_I_SalTempComp) present in the dev libs that would cause a memory tab refresh to fail.
  • Memory utility will now show location names in alphabetical order
Beta 3.0 Bugs Fixes (Nov 15 2012)

  • Fixed Celsius/Farenheit radio buttons not getting saved properly. (Buttons were blank when viewed a second time)
  • Fixed issue where a failed memory refresh would show all controls on screen with blank/0 values
  • Fixed bug in the relay profiles form that stopped a user from deleting or creating a new profile after editing one.
  • Update Relay box image to correctly show outlet numbers on the settings form.
  • Memory tab now supports celsius temperatures (20-32 degrees) when Celsius is set as temperature style in Settings.
  • Broke apart PWM and pH groups on Memory tab
  • Grouped together dosing fields to make it more intuitive which ones work together on the controller

New Features

  • Llibrary 1.x.x support. yah!
  • Added Date and Time formatting options in Settings->General which will modify chart/grid/home page date/times display format
  • Wifi, USB and Portal settings can be modified in the Settings -> General tab directly without restarting Listener Service.
  • Reef Angel libraries can be validated during Client Suite install and enabled features shown from View -> Features File.
  • While the 2:00 connection countdown timer is active and counting on the status bar, it can be clicked to cancel the countdown and attempt reconnect immediately.
  • Added new menu item (Settings -> Memory Utility) to modify any memory location on the controller.
  • Added scheduled task that fires a cleanup executable to remove old records from database. Execution interval and record timespan are user configurable (Settings -> General tab)
  • Added a third service (ReefAngelNotifier) to handle sending email/sms notification for temps and pH outside defined threshold. Also this new service will handle pushing parameters to No longer need to keep the Client running for these operations they will run in the background!
  • Created a notification panel on the main client screen that displays important information about the 3 services in real time as they occur.
  • IP Camera support! (MJPEG)
  • Implemented database encryption for locally stored email address/password and Portal Key.
  • Portal Integration. (Sync historic params, temp & relay labels both ways).
  • The enabled temp/pH chart series will be remembered between application shutdown and startup cycles.
  • Added a calculator tab for most common Mag/Alk/Cal dosing supplements.
  • Added ability to scan local network for the Reef Angel Wifi Adapter during install.
  • Expansion Module Support
    • PWM
    • Salinity
    • Vortech RF
  • .NET 4.0 required
  • InstallShield Installer!

If you haven't already, uninstall the 2.2 Client Suite before attempting installation of the new one.

This version of the Client Suite requires the 1.x.x libraries running on the controller. The 0.9.x libs are no longer supported at all.


As always, please post your comments/questions/bug reports here on this thread. Like I mentioned earlier, I'll try to do a better job of responding and fixing any issues that crop up.





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Looks real good! :) thanks!!
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Wish we had a Mac version that nice :) looks awesome!!

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Downloaded it yesterday and it's pretty sweet. Thanks!

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I downloaded it tonight. Errors... Doesn't start.

tried reinstalling it no change.
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Did you have a previous version installed? That one needs to be uninstalled before you install this version.

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Ademster wrote:I downloaded it tonight. Errors... Doesn't start.

tried reinstalling it no change.

What is the error you are seeing?

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Fixed it. for some reason when I uninstalled the original version, it didn't delete the quick launch shortcut.
when I clicked on it, it was looking for the wrong .exe

got it working 5 minutes after posting.
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