New Temperature Probe (not original Reef Angel probe)

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New Temperature Probe (not original Reef Angel probe)

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Good morning fellow Reefers.I bought a 2m temperature probe from an electronic store the probe at the end is about twice the size from the original RA probe. My problem now is that I connected it exactly the same way as the colors off the cables are the same. When I plugged it in my RA switched of with the red light on. As I unplugged the the new probe RA started up again (what a relief that was). Now, I can change the cables around and play with it until I get to work but I'm scared that I will break my RA unit. Unfortunately there are no agents in South Africa anymore. Question is will/can I break my RA unit if I play around with the wiring? Any other suggestions are more than welcome.
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Re: New Temperature Probe (not original Reef Angel probe)

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Make sure the temp probe is a DS18B20 the pinout should be (VCC), yellow(DATA) , black(GND). Wire colors will base off probe manufacture. I Will post a picture hopefully that will help!
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Sincerely, Brennyn
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