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So lets see if we can spark some interest in an Alkalinity Monitor for the RA. I've been doing a little research on arduino and alkalinity testing through google. Ran across a bunch of false attempts at it until I came across a article Randy Holmes-Farley did. So within this article he mentioned this:

This test involves four simple steps:

1. Buy a standard acid.

2. Measure out some aquarium water. Use any volume you can measure accurately. A cup is fine.

3. Add the standard acid to the aquarium water slowly until the pH reaches 4.5, keeping track of the amount of standard acid used.

4. Calculate the alkalinity from the volumes of aquarium water and standard acid used.

We will need a 0.1 N standard acid for this test. The acid should be hydrochloric (HCl) or sulfuric. The designation 0.1 N means 0.1 “normal” which, in the case of hydrochloric acid, is exactly the same as 0.1 M where the M means molar concentration. In the case of sulfuric acid, 0.1 N = 0.05 M (since sulfuric acid has two protons), so if you use sulfuric acid, be sure it is 0.1 N rather than 0.1 M.

So.....with finding this out i'll be playing around with this and try to come up with an all in one unit. I tried the 7" TFT and ESP8266 project and thats gone way over my head when it comes to programming when it comes to AT protocol through serial. This seems more simple by using two stepper motors....1 Intake 2 acid and a regular dosing pump for clearing the measuring device and a pH probe.


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Keep us posted.

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In trying to keep the sample water volume low enough I did some calculations with 1/5th the strength. Attached are the calculations for 25mL and 30mL water samples. 30mL ATM provides a good resolution. But I'll look into what 40 and 50 mL samples and their resolutions.ImageImage

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