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PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 12:11 pm
Hey Guys long story short but I got a RA+ 2 years ago but had to tank tank down before I really set it up.
new tank cycling and I want to set up an ATO.

I do have 2 never used float switches and a toms aqualifter pump.
my ato res, is a 29H right next to the tank.
I am looking for reliability here as, I may be away for a month in Nov. or feb.

was looking at the WLS...guessing it's like the avast pressure sensor ( also thinking of just going that way as well)
can someone show me a pic or vid. of what is included with the WLS how it works etc.
how does the sensor mount to the tank?

if i went with the float switches any mods to help them not fail?

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 02, 2015 12:37 pm
so after looking all over the web. ( kinda odd you have to search for what comes with it.) looks like it does not come with and mounting hardware correct??

so how you you mount it to the sump?
if you get the multi channel unit can you ATO two tanks? 1 with a sump and one with out?
what is the advantages of going with RA over Avast? at this point all i see is the % in sump to be honest % in the res. would be more beneficial.

need a lil schooling here guys! :) trying to put it all together...

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I am exactly in the same situation here.. Following...

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Its a pipe with a hole in it. An airline runs from the hole in the pipe to the sensor which measures the air pressure in the line. Personally I use it for my res because my ato is gravity fed. Roberto keeps his in the sump between two baffles. You could ziptie it to anything in the tank or get more sophisticated. Its up to you. It's much more precise then floats. For floats (and WLS) you already have a timer as backup and if you use StandardATO then you'll have a low and high switch so you have redundancies. The reason for using the sump level is to control the ATO based on the level in your return chamber. If you get the multi you could do both. The Avast switch is on/off you don't get any resolution to the level you want. This may be a duplicate thread since I saw roberto answer about multiple tanks. You can do multiple but not with the wizard.

Here's the other thread with some mounting ideas and more answers.


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