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Hi guys, I have a RA+ and am currently in the process of upgrading my tank.

On the new one (150g - 72x24x18), I'll control at least 2 jebao power heads, an ATO, 3 modded black boxes, jebao dosing pumps and perhaps my return pump.

I know I need a dimming expansion, but I am wondering if I need anything else. Can you guys point me the right way, please? Thank you!

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You'll need
2 or 3 Jebao/Speedwave Cables (3) if the return pump is a DC pump and you want to control the speed of it.

Dimming Expansion (Like you said)

ATO Float switched (unless you still have your originals) (1 or 2 depending on how you are setting it up.

The 3 modded black boxes will use all 6 of your dimming channels on the Dimming Expansion and the 2 Jebao's will use the Daylight and Actinic dimming ports on the relay.

If you have a DC return pump and want to control it then you wold need a modded Jebao/Speedwave Cable to plug it into one of the ATO ports.

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