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I have a few more items coming, and I’m wanting help with doing some coding so things will be ready to go when everything is set up. Is there someone that I is willing to aid me in my quest? Thank you
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lots of us can.
your best bet is to do this:

1. post what you want to accomplish (spell things out).
2. take on things 1 at a time. start small and simple and only work on 1 item at a time before moving on to the next part. otherwise it gets confusing in the topics if everything is jumping back and forth and often times a section is overlooked.
3. take your time and be patient
4. don't worry about making a mistake. we've all been there (and still are with new things)
5. have fun while in the process. [WHITE SMILING FACE]️

There are lots of very smart people on here doing some pretty cool and amazing stuff with their controllers. So you will probably get responses from many people. Generally we all like to help and point you in the right direction, that way you can figure it out on your own and get a better sense of how it works. However sometimes it is easier for us do it and describe what we did so you understand it.

Anyways, just start a new thread and use my input and you will be on your way.

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